Peptagen, Inc. (the “Company”) is developing a platform of mucosally-administered cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) vaccine products for the prevention and treatment of immunologic diseases. The technology stems from the observation that a family of G-coupled protein receptors (GCPR) present in nearly all vertebrates participates in a fundamental pathway of innate and adaptive immune surveillance. As such, Peptagen’s vaccine technology is solidly-based on compositions containing these novel ligands in combination with a non-infectious fragment of a normally infectious antigen for mucosal administration.

Peptagen’s technology makes use of naturally occurring peptide sequences of angiotensin I which are devoid of hypertensive properties but bind the GCPR necessary for enhancing innate immune surveillance which are located on nearly all functional immune cell populations. The advantage of this vaccine composition is that a non-infectious antigen fragment may be endocytosed and cross-presented by an antigen presenting cell via the MHC Class I protein. Additionally, the vaccine composition directs the release of Th 1 cytokines, mobilization and maturation of dendritic cells, stimulation of naïve T cells, participates in TLR signaling, and up-regulates adaptive cell mediated immunity.

Peptagen’s lead program involves a therapeutic mucosal vaccine for the chronic maintenance treatment of infectious diseases. A second program will co-present tumor associated antigens in the vaccine to enhance non-self recognition associated with a tumor specific pattern recognition receptor (PRR). The utility of these vaccines as a chronic treatment for minimal residual disease following traditional surgery or chemotherapy will be explored. These vaccines are intended to be administered in a nanoparticle nasal formulation. Prior to clinical studies, animal models for intranasal delivery will be completed to optimize the vaccine formulation, dose, and treatment frequency.

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